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Dr. Moldover & Associates is a developmental neuropsychology group located in Wellesley, Massachusetts. We provide evaluations and consultative services for children, teenagers, and some adults with learning and developmental differences.

We are pleased to announce that clinical services are now available through our satellite in Biddeford, Maine. We look forward to offering our full range of neuropsychological evaluations and educational consultations to Maine patients. Our satellite office is located at 28 West Cole Road, Suite 101, Biddeford, ME 04005.

We pride ourselves on providing a higher level of responsiveness, more personal attention, and more efficient work production than anyone else in the field.

What sets us apart?

Rapid report turn-around: Our clinicians produce evaluation reports in real-time, endeavoring to provide you with written results at the feedback session rather than asking you to wait for weeks or months to receive your report. This allows for a seamless transition from the evaluation to implementation of recommendations.

Collaborative, community-based involvement: In some cases, in-office evaluation may not be enough. Our clinicians spend a substantial amount of time in the community, observing in schools and attending team meetings and other special education proceedings. We work with other professionals in order to develop a holistic understanding of a child and to provide recommendations that are individualized to each specific situation.

A flexible, individualized approach to assessment: We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all assessments. Our evaluations begin with a consultation so that we can understand a child’s history, review prior testing, and articulate a clear question for the evaluation to answer.

Long term commitment: Most families don’t require annual evaluations, but many do benefit from monitoring over time in order to ensure progress. Our clinicians are happy to provide ongoing consultation to families in order to track a child’s development, provide resources, and identify a time when re-evaluation is appropriate.

We invite you to view our list of upcoming events and to listen to one of our past events. 

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